Multi Expert Team

Our Team

It is said to error is human, that is why we need a quality assurance team which makes work without any error, ensures quality as well as suggests ways to improve quality of work. Multi Expert never compromises with quality; hence it has a team of very capable professionals who work consistently for improving quality of services provided by it. QA Team coordinates and communicates with clients in case of any concerns, red-flags or issues. The team is approachable and keeps communication channels open. It ensures that all business and technical requirements have been met at the given time without any compromise with quality.

Team Mission

1) To assist the clients in handling their key challenges through contextual, effective and simple solutions
2) To enable the clients in order to ensure a more systematic and efficient working for optimum utilisation of resources
3) To carry-out extensive research covering different aspects of industries and institutions
4) To bridge gaps between different segments of an organization for collective development and growth
5) To facilitate alliances with different organisations and/or individuals to leverage various growth potentials.

Working Process

1. File is received by the manager.
2. Type of the job required is evaluated.
3. Delivery time schedule is decided and rate is determined with mutual understanding.
4. A sample is sent for approval.
5. Job is executed and checked by the person executing the job.
6. File is sent to QC for final checking
7. corrections are made as per the QC team recommendations.
8. Final file is sent to the client.
9. Corrections are made as per the client’s recommendations (If any).
10. Final file is delivered.
11. 100% customer satisfaction is ensured.

Translators Team

We are living in the scientific age where the world has become a global village where so many languages are spoken and the people living in different countries have their own cultures.

Designers & DTP Operators team

Multi Expert provides Designing, DTP and Typesetting services in all Indian and major languages of the world. Our team is well equipped with the technical nuances of right to left, complex, CJK languages and other Latin and non-Latin languages.

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